Use 95% less water & 50-60% less energy!

Drive the transition of your textile printing operation into a digital, sustainable and cost-effective ecosystem. How? By combining our NeoPigment™ inks and our groundbreaking technology that includes an integrated automated pretreatment process, we bring you the most environmentally friendly solution. Ensure that you uphold even the strictest industry quality protocols with us.

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Specifically designed for sustainability

  • 100% environmentally friendly inks, non-hazardous, toxin-free and safe for baby-wear
  • Quality printing on multiple fabric types using the same ink set
  • No external processes, pretreatment, steaming or washing required
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“It is also widely known in the T-shirt industry that Kornit is the market leader for digital machines – for many people, there are no real credible rivals.”
Andrew Lunt, Co-founder, T-shirt and Sons

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