Meet your customers’ color needs spot on!

Create brilliant color combinations for fashion, sport and promotional apparel. How? By adding 30% to the CMYK color gamut (we added red and green just for you!), you can digitally print customized short runs with superior color-matching and accurate spot-printing every time.

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Increasing color and speed possibilities

  • 6 color channels with 20 Spectra Polaris™ print heads with 256 nozzles each
  • NeoPigment™ process including integrated automated pretreatment
  • Up to 23.5 x 35” / 60 x 90cm print area for XXL garments and cut pieces
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"We have been waiting for a digital printing solution that can offer us the perfect colors required for our customer’ brands and logos. The Kornit Avalanche Hexa is not only high-speed and high-quality, but is also safe for our employees, customers, and the environment."
Craig Reisdorf, President, Top Promotions

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