The only single-step solution to textile printing!

Enjoy real-time responsiveness to market trends and benefit from quicker time to market by printing on textiles in your own factory. How? Through value-based personalized apparel-on-demand for individual consumers and retail customers instead of the traditional volume-based overseas production. Remove profit stealers like inventory costs, carrying charges, tariffs and transportation.

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Digital pigment printing on-demand

  • Print multiple short runs in one roll, on multiple fabric types, no minimum length requirement.
  • No external processes, pretreatment, steaming or washing
  • Engineered for environmental sustainability
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"Our mission is to make custom fabric accessible to designers, creative individuals and small businesses all over the world. We are thrilled that Kornit has developed a printing platform that can substantially increase our production capacity."
Stephen Fraser, Co-founder, Spoonflower

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